How to arrive

to Trafo Baden, an exceptional venue hosting the SeC every year

Trafo Baden Kongresszentrum

Brown Boveri Platz 1

5400 Baden

Located to the north-west of technological innovation hub Zurich, Baden is a quintessentially Swiss town famed for its thermal waters.

For the fourth year now, NetComm Suisse has chosen the town as the picturesque backdrop for the SeC. The Conference is held in the Trafo Center, conveniently located close to the train station.

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Zurich to Baden

The easiest way to make your way to Baden from Zurich is by train. Direct connections depart every hour.


Baden to the Trafo Center

There are several quick and easy ways to reach the Trafo Center once you are in Baden.

On foot

Located just a couple of hundred metres from the station, the Trafo Center can be easily reached on foot. Exit the station onto Langhaus, turn left onto Güterstrasse and continue until you reach Trafo Platz. The Trafo Center is on your left.

By Train

You will reach the city of Baden coming from Zurich’s main train station within 15 minutes, from the airport, depending on your train connection, within 20 to 30 minutes. The online SBB-schedule ( is a helpful tool to plan your trip.

By Car

From the highway A1, coming from Zurich, take exit “Baden-Neuenhof”* and coming on the A1 from Bern or Basel please take exit “Baden West”. Either way, you will get to a large crossing by “Schulhausplatz”. Follow the directions to “Stadtzentrum” (city center) and then drive toward “Parkhaus Trafo”.