Sponsors Coordination

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1) Workshop for e-Commerce SMEs

On November 15th a workshop, held in German language and dedicated to local SMEs interested in discovering the full e-Commerce potential for boosting their business, will take place at the Trafo Baden.

In case you are a Sponsor of the Workshop, you can sign up here with the code you received by e-mail and you can invite your customers/prospects, of course in this SME target:




2) VIP Apéro – Grand Casino Baden

On November 15th, you are entitled to join us at the VIP Apéro as you are a sponsor of the event:

  • The VIP apéro and Dinner starts at 19:00 at the Grand Casino Baden – 5 minutes walk from the Trafo Congress Center
  • We expect all event speakers to join us as it is a nice occasion to get ready for the discussions of the following day
  • Please register here http://e-commerceconference.ch/vip-apero/ with the code you received by e-mail
  • Bear in mind that, if your sponsoring package includes additional tickets, you can invite customers or prospects: ONLY merchants/brands/retailers
  • For your customers’ free tickets please scroll down to the table at the bottom of the page



3) Booth Features

The set-up of the booth can start from 07:00 a.m. on November 16th.

Your booth will be totally equipped:

  • 1x Cocktail table
  • 2x Cocktail chairs
  • Brochure displayer – shelves incorporated in the side wall
  • Customized (with your logo) brochure displayer made of cardboard
  • Closet – incorporated in the back wall
  • Internet connection (LAN and Wi-Fi)
  • 1 eletricity plug – Swiss socket
  • Light
  • Carpet
  • Transport, setup and dismantling


Baden 2017 booth renderingBaden 2017 booth structureBaden 2017 booth map



4) Booth Personalization

These are the main decoration elements:

  • Company logo on side flags, mounted on side walls
  • Company logo on a big sticker placed on the floor in front of your booth
  • Company logo on the cardboard brochure displayer
  • 1 space to place 1 standard roll-up (80×210) to be brought directly by you

In case you want a television at the booth you can rent it directly through the following website: http://screenpro.ch/ (it will be invoiced to you directly by the supplier)



5) Booth set-up

For the set-up of your booth you can arrive at the exhibition area beginning from 07:00 a.m. on November 16th.

Dismantling will start at around 4:30 p.m. on November 16th.



6) Free Passes – internal team and customers/prospects

The following table concerns the number of free passes for you and your customers

VIP Apéro – Nov 15th Main Event – Nov 16th
Internal staff Customers Internal staff Customers
Platinum 2 2 10 40
Gold 1 2 5 30
Silver 1 0 5 20


In the following section (Promotion), you will find the most updated invitation (.pdf) you can send to your customers/prospect.



7) Promotion

You find all the marketing material to promote your presence at the event on this webpage: Marketing Kit






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