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Be the first to hear the results of the latest reports conducted by NetComm Suisse in collaboration with our prestigious research partners. As one of the pillars of association activity, research plays a key role at the #SeC16 with a number of previously unreleased papers being presented. Concrete data defining national and international trends across all spheres of e-Commerce will keep you up-to-date, informed and equipped with the tools to make smart business decisions. Meanwhile the spaces of Trafo Baden are perfect for sharing and contaminating your thoughts and ideas with hundreds of other members of the vibrant e-Commerce community, so that our industry can grow faster and stronger together.

Swiss e-Commerce Consumer Behavior 2016

What does e-Commerce look like in Switzerland today? How much do Swiss online shoppers spend? Which products do they prefer? Which payment methods do they use? How many e-shoppers prefer to buy abroad rather than in Switzerland? These questions and more are answered by the Swiss e-Commerce consumer behavior report 2016.

Join the morning keynote to discover: Average basket value by sector; Digital penetration in Switzerland; Volume of online shoppers; Best seller and trends in online shopping; Favorite online shopping channels; Payment methods selected by Swiss users; Habits and behavior of Swiss Internet users divided by cantonal aggregations and linguistic areas.

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Digitized, mobile Consumers Spend more

A powerful new study from Nielsen takes a quantitative and qualitative look at the global shift to cashless payments. The research shows, with concrete data, the impact omnichannel is having on traditional retail models; disrupting the status quo and driving merchants towards the creation of new consumer experiences, greater merging of diverse channels and consequently the creation of new opportunities to purchase via diverse touchpoints.

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e-Commerce meets food

Executed by Contactlab, and in collaboration with NetComm Suisse Observatory, the research investigates the evolution of food and beverage consumers, the diverse challenges of an omnichannel integration. Also, the habits and behaviors of Swiss consumers was analyzed through surveys gathering data about the volume of food-related online shoppers in Switzerland, the average expenditure for the sector, the penetration of online channels in the industry, and the gigantic Click&Collect opportunities. The vertical research ends with new trends and future expectations.

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Shopper attitudes and behaviors

FutureBuy is a GfK proprietary survey on shopper attitudes and behaviors run internationally since 2009. 2015 edition was carried out in 25 countries, with more than 25.000 consumer’s interviews. The aim of FutureBuy is better understanding the shopping habits of both present and future consumers, which touchpoints will grow in importance to invest resources effectively, and explore how shopping interactions vary between different products and services to tailor sales strategies.

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Digital Fashion Skills: Market Practices and Needs

The study aims at gaining insight into the skills, perceptions and trends prevalent in the world of Moda today. Much has been said about the skills gap faced by fashion brands around the world as they move to merged-channel or omnichannel strategies and their struggle to find and train the people with the skills able to support and enhance the organization. This is a particularly important area of study given its potential impact not only on today’s business environment but also on policy areas to be developed and lobbied for in the future.

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Internationalization of SME: Opportunities and Innovation

This research sheds light for the fourth time on the interesting facts of international entrepreneurship in Switzerland which also relate to insights on the corporate vision amongst small and medium-sized enterprises. On the one hand, Switzerland’s entrepreneurial potential is cause for optimism, however this survey clearly demonstrates that there is a need for improvement at various levels, for instance better support for companies in their internationalization. The entrepreneur and their management team is the focus here, because internationalization can only be implemented effectively and efficiently with a top management team.

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Facing retail challenges in an omni-channel world

The Global Center for Digital Business Transformation has been spending time with retailers and suppliers across the globe to unpick what are the vital characteristics not just to survive, but to thrive in a world of digital business disruption. Underlying the challenges and the success stories are a set of essential characteristics that companies must develop in order to compete. Indeed, ‘Hyperawareness’, ‘Informed Decision Making’ and ‘Fast Execution’ will be employed in different guises to meet specific organizational challenges, but however they are manifested, these three characteristics are at the heart of successful e-Commerce.

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Digital Fundraising Switzerland Report

Marco Zaugg, founder of RaiseNow, presents the 2016 edition of the Digital Fundraising Study Switzerland which highlights the state of raising funds online and mobile. The research encompassed large volumes of donation payment data from over 100 Swiss charities all via the specialist digital fundraising solution provider, RaiseNow and as such represents a unique and extremely valuable source of information regarding the effectiveness, speed and utility of various approaches current in the industry. With its focus on digital as the communication means, the research shifts the focus to such activities as email marketing, website design, UX and various other areas which are typically involved in the giving journey and whose optimization potential can be of great importance to charities’ bottom lines.

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Marketing in a connected world

Connected Life is a leading global study of the digital attitudes and behaviours of 70,000 internet users across 57 countries. It uses comprehensive analysis of how connectivity changes people’s behaviour to address the big challenges for marketers. It does so by looking in detail at consumers, connections, content and commerce, providing the strategic guidance needed to keep, engage and influence the people that matter. The fieldwork was undertaken in all markets between June and September 2016.

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Customer Loyalty Programs and e-Commerce in Europe

The research is based on loyalty programs in European countries, and the various stages of development with regards digital rewarding. Generally speaking, discounts continue to hold a strong position in consumer preferences, while Gift Cards are gaining ground as an innovative substitute for traditional physical rewards. Learn more about discover consumer preferences for rewards at a country level, and how your company can build a loyal customer base with targeted reward programs.

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About 50 percent of companies are digital dinosaurs

By 2020, 73% expect digital transformation to a key factor to achieving business goals. These results show that action needs to be taken to digitize more than half of Swiss companies. It is vital that these companies embrace digital transformation, otherwise they face near-certain extinction within the next 10 years. Furthermore, the report identifies that digital transformation knows no boundaries and that both banks and public administration must be ready to adopt digital opportunities that enhance customer loyalty and boost efficiency.

The rising of the international market places

International marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba are taking over the world. What exactly is their impact on companies when they enter a particular market? Can retailers profit from the ecommerce giants success or do these make it more difficult for them to survive? Prof. Jorij Abraham will present an in-depth study about the rise of the market places and how retailers can survive and profit from them.