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Andreas Rudl

Head of Marketing

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WHO IS Andreas Rudl

Andreas joined commercetools in January 2016 as Head of Global Marketing. He previously held a number of Marketing leadership positions within the high-tech industry. Based in the Munich office, he is currently responsible for growing the commercetools Brand in Europe and the US market.

WHO IS commercetools GmbH

The commerce platform for the Post-Webshop era: commercetools revolutionizes the enterprise commerce platform market with an API-first, cloud-based solution. It reduces complexity, increases both flexibility and speed for brands and retailers and prepares them for the post webshop era. With user expectations and customer behavior changing at light speed, commercetools enables you to reach customers on all digital touchpoints and dramatically accelerate sales. How? commercetools’ headless architecture separates the commerce functionalities and the frontend. It provides you the freedom to create, test and implement new customer interfaces at the speed of WOW.

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Address: Adams-Lehmann-Str. 44 - Munich - 80797 (Germany)
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My Sessions

Innovating experiences: IoT & VR


Driving guest experiences to the next level: innovative, technology-rich and customer centric  (Luca Pronzati) How ABB is driving Innovation thanks to Digital & IoT ( Christopher Ganz) New customer touchpoints in action: Creating shopping experiences with Mixed Virtual Reality ( Andreas Rudl)