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Carlo Terreni

General Director and Board Member

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WHO IS Carlo Terreni

Carlo Terreni is co-founder and board member of NetComm Suisse Association. Since August 2012, he is head of the NetComm Suisse Observatory and he works with passion and determination towards the establishment of a permanent e-commerce observatory, in collaboration with PostFinance and Accenture. His goal is to supply free strategic quantitative data on electronic commerce to the Swiss e-commerce community, in order to help decision makers to exploit the potential of the Swiss and European online market. Carlo has been working as a digital consultant and account manager for Tinext SA, a leading web Agency in Ticino, since 2010. He has provided consultancy services for companies such as Cornèrcard, Sanofi, AET, Bally, Diamond, Artsana, Royal Caribbean, etc. He holds two Master Degrees in marketing and sales from Copenhagen Business School and Bocconi University and he obtained his High School Diploma at Lasswade High School in Scotland.

WHO IS NetComm Suisse Association

The goals of NetComm Suisse are to support the interests of e-Commerce companies, contribute to the knowledge and diffusion of e-Commerce, including related services and technologies, and to bring down the barriers that limit the development of the sector. Through activities as diverse as lobbying, legal & fiscal support, training and research, the organization aims to build a stronger e-Commerce environment in Switzerland and beyond to enable sustainable growth across the industry.

NetComm Suisse Association
Address: Via Cantonale 18 - Manno - 6928 (Switzerland)
Website: www.netcommsuisse.ch
Phone: +41 91 210 47 36

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