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Daniele Tonini

Business Analytics expert & advisor

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WHO IS Daniele Tonini

Target Research partner and consultant; contract professor at the Bocconi University of Milan (Department of Decision Sciences) for Statistics, Market Research, Data Mining and Quantitative Methods for Management courses. Main areas of competence: CRM, advanced analytics, data models, Business Intelligence, IoT analytics.

WHO IS Target Research

A company that combines flexibility, methodological rigor and actionability of the results. We are a team of professionals and teachers from different business schools and universities, for many years engaged in advising national and multinational companies, as well as entrepreneurs, in Analytics, Marketing research and Business and Marketing Strategies area.

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Address: Viale Col di Lana, 12 - Milano - 20136 (Italy)
Website: www.t-research.it
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My Sessions

The future of CRM & Loyalty through big data, innovative payment solutions and marketing tools


Marketing is going 360° digital: loyalty and CRM make no exception. We will go through this one way process by presenting a European research over the impact of digitalization on loyalty schemes and rewards. e-Commerce as well is gaining momentum and has found in GIFT CARDS and prepaid COUPONS a great ally to penetrate new […]

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