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Fulvio Elia

Product Manager - Expert in Insurance

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WHO IS Fulvio Elia

Fulvio Elia is an expert in Insurance as he has been working for AXA Winterthur since 1991. He's been involved for years for product development for small and medium enterprises. Since 2004, he is teaching part time Economics at sfb (www.sfb.ch) and Insurance for a bachelor degree at HWZ (www.fh-hwz.ch) in Zurich.

WHO IS AXA Winterthur

AXA is a dynamic and innovative company with one of the world’s most valuable brands. In Switzerland we are the leading insurer for comprehensive financial protection. While AXA is a solution provider in generally all insurance sectors, we also have some specialties which makes us unique in comparison to others. Especially with our cyber risk-product we are able to give a kind of protection which helps to decrease damages caused by the emerging risk of cyber-attacks. Above all, web based and e-commerce businesses are the main goals of common cybercriminalists. So that is why we decided to liaise closely to NetComm Suisse and elaborate tailored solutions for the enterprises benefits.

AXA Winterthur
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Cyber security & data privacy for e-Commerce and payments


The shift towards mobile is no longer breaking news in the world of e-Commerce; indeed 78% of Deloitte’s Top 100 Retailers already provide dedicated mobile apps. It therefore follows that providers are seeking to improve the shopping experience on users’ new-favourite channel. According to the Swiss e-Commerce Trend Indictor 2015 report (by HWZ University and […]

e-Commerce Mobile Development


Perfect Plattform to promote our cyber risk-product.