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Fabio Regazzoni

Founder & CEO

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WHO IS Fabio Regazzoni

Formerly Marketing Manager, since the year 2000 passionate entrepreneur with focus on CRM and a strong commitment to develop digital technologies in the retail industry. In 2007 started up Amilon to develop the first digitalization model to sell gift cards and vouchers outside the point of sale.


ECRM Group was founded in 2000 as a business accelerator for over 100 top international brand retailers and e-commerce. The group’s “fluid approach" aims to take the digital innovation and integration into CRM and Loyalty providing strategic consulting services, technology and operational campaign management. ECRM Group approaches the European market by its facility in the Digital Fashion Hub by Netcommsuisse in Lugano. It has two main operative branches in Italy: ECRM Italia, a CRM specialist consulting company and Amilon, the first digital Gift Cards company.

ECRM Group
Address: Via Natale Battaglia, 12 - Milano - 20127 (Italia)
Website: www.ecrmgroup.ch
Phone: +39 02 36 55 96 50

My Sessions

The future of CRM & Loyalty through big data, innovative payment solutions and marketing tools


Marketing is going 360° digital: loyalty and CRM make no exception. We will go through this one way process by presenting a European research over the impact of digitalization on loyalty schemes and rewards. e-Commerce as well is gaining momentum and has found in GIFT CARDS and prepaid COUPONS a great ally to penetrate new […]

Fashion Marketing Technology


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