Florence Labati

Former CIO of VF International

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WHO IS Florence Labati

Florence passed the first 23 years of her life in France that she left after having finalized her MBA in a "Grandes écoles d'ingénieurs" with a speciality in informatics for enterprise's management. She had the opportunity to work first as IT director then as CIO and manage international teams to implement, integrate or migrate full IT systems and finally direct business transformation in companies as Elf, Pioneer Electronics, Roche, Perkin Elmer, Vf International. That has given her the chance to live and work cross the Globe in multicultural environment. Music and Art are very important for her as well as Sport. She now lives in Ticino.

WHO IS arcs.en.ciel Suisse

Specialized in driving BusinessTransformation and change management programs cross the organizations. • Merge and Acquisition’s (M&A). • System Integration in EMEA, • CIO Advisory and Ambassador • Project management and Mediator, • I&CT Temporary management, • Infrastructure organization's and cost's optimization, • System’s solution implementation cross the enterprise's functions. With a particular attention to: • I&CT Effectiveness and Strategy • project Team coach and growth • IT Infrastructure optimization (Architecture and costs), • I&CT Sourcing, • IT Service Management and Integration. I am particulally carefull in: • respecting Key performance metrics given by the leadership • mobilizing and leading successfully project teams in general (not only IT) • contributing to the (best) practices development and their application • developing specific propositions together and for CIO's.

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My Sessions

Platforms enabling omnichannel sales in retail – FDL


As digitally contactable customers are both high-spenders in-store and online, accounting for 27% and 73% of revenues respectively (Digital Frontiers 2016), retailers need to think carefully about where their physical store fits into their omni-channel proposition. Specifically, they need to make the shopping experience at the Point of Sale just as dynamic, engaging and personalised […]

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