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WHO IS Francesco d’Alessandro

Born in 1969. For more than 10 years, Francesco has been an expert in project development and initiation of customized loyalty programs, online, offline and mobile payment solutions. First mover and developer of the “Pay by Invoice" concept in Switzerland. With over CHF 100 million billing turnover and more than 5 million implemented proprietary and composite card concepts (Shopping Mall card, City Card, etc.), he is one of the key players in this industry. Francesco joined SWISSBILLING in November 2015 and become CSO.

WHO IS Swissbilling AG

The core competencies of swissbilling SA lie in the management of accounts receivable. It offers your customers various options for paying for your products or services online or directly over the counter against an invoice. In the process, swissbilling flexibly adapts its processing procedures to your company's needs. In general, the service takes place in three steps: 1. Your customer's payment request is granted after a successful security and credit check in real time. 2. The invoice, which can also be adapted to your “Look & Feel”, is then sent immediately by swissbilling, or by you yourself, to your customer by e-mail or post. 3. Then, upon request, swissbilling issues you the payment on receivables within 24 hours. Through this payment guarantee, swissbilling assumes the full risk of bad debt losses. Fraud risk is also covered! You can use the offer from swissbilling risk-free with minimal effort or expense and at the same time guarantee your customers an excellent service.

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