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Leonardo Pecchioli

CEO & Founder

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WHO IS Leonardo Pecchioli

Leonardo, graduated in Economics in Florence in 1999, started his career in the audit field at KPMG. In 2004 joined Guess Group acting initially as Financial Planning Manager to become then European CFO and European Vice President of Operations. In 2011, as co-founder of e-volve group, started his path in the ecommerce industry launching more than 30 online stores in the fashion industry and setting up operations in Europe, USA, Russia, Asia and Australia. Leonardo is now Founder and CEO of Keros Digital SA a company providing technology solutions and experience with the scope to facilitate the activation and management of e-commerce processes.

WHO IS Keros Digital

Keros Digital provides technology solutions, experience and know-how to support its Clients in their ecommerce, digital and omnichannel strategies around the world. Thanks to a long experience in the e-commerce industry and to its innovative proprietary ecommerce platform and applications, Keros Digital facilitates and speeds up the activation and management of online sales processes providing solutions for B2C ecommerce, B2B online order management, in-store applications and in-showroom applications. A peculiar experience in ecommerce operations obtained developing projects in Europe, USA, Russia, Asia and Australia together with its network of partners makes Keros Digital and its platform K-nimbus the perfect partner for international ecommerce projects able to provide technology solutions as well as marketing, creativity, editing, tax compliance, cash and fraud management, order fulfillment, customer service and project management.

Keros Digital
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