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Luca Olivari

Chief Data Officer

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WHO IS Luca Olivari

With over 18 years of experience, Luca Olivari gained his expertise in the IT sector and during his time as a consultant and member of boards of directors. His background also includes international experience achieved in companies including MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB and OrientDB.

WHO IS Contactlab

We provide the leading digital customer engagement solutions for commerce-focused companies and fashion & luxury brands to develop successfully digital communication programs that enable personalized marketing to unlock demand and build lasting customer preferences. Engaging with customers individually and seamlessly alongside the entire purchase is the most effective way to help brands grow their business; for that reason, our solutions enable brands to gain insights into the context of each customer and deepen the retail experience by delivering highly individualized digital contact plan across channels based on events, preferences and product lifecycle. Today, we work with more than 1000 clients in different industries across the world and serve most of the world-class brands in the Luxury and Fashion sectors.

Address: Via Natale Battaglia, 12 - Milan - 20127 (Italy)
Website: www.contactlab.com
Phone: +39 02 28 31 181

My Sessions

Hot trends and figures from the “Swiss e-Commerce Consumer Behavior” study


At this year’s SeC keynote speech, NetComm Suisse will present its flagship annual report, the Swiss e-Commerce Consumer Behavior Study, conducted in collaboration with its prestigious research partner ContactLab. The report takes a snapshot of the state of e-Commerce in Switzerland from all perspectives. Specifically, it looks at the overall volume of online shopping traffic, […]



We are glad to take part in the Netcomm Suisse Association as reseach partner to develop insights related to consumers' behaviours and take part in the events in an upcoming crucial country for our business.