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Marcin Nikolajuk

Head of Digital

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WHO IS Marcin Nikolajuk

Marcin is leading the digital team at the Swiss Red Cross that runs all of the organisation's digital presences and projects and is responsible for digital marketing and communications as well as online/mobile fundraising activities. He has extensive professional experience in software engineering, research and development as well as technical leadership. Marcin is author of several scientific publications in the areas of Semantic Web and End-User Development and holds a masters degree in computer science from the Vienna University of Technology.

WHO IS Swiss Red Cross

We at the Swiss Red Cross strive to prevent or alleviate human suffering in Switzerland and other countries. We protect human health, lives and dignity. Founded in 1866, we are the national Red Cross society for Switzerland and its oldest and largest relief agency. In fulfilling our humanitarian work we are an active and independent partner of the authorities at all levels. We work in partnership with the members of the International Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement and other social and humanitarian organizations.

Swiss Red Cross
Address: Rainmattstrasse 10 - Postfach - Bern - 3001 (Switzerland)
Website: www.redcross.ch
Phone: +41 31 387 71 04

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