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Marco Colusso

Consultant & Partner

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WHO IS Marco Colusso

Marco Colusso is one of the four estilos partners. He graduated in engineering and he has more than 15 years of work experience in business consulting and customer experience management. He has a strong experience in digital innovation and improvement of business processes. Colusso’s main responsibility is project and delivery management.

WHO IS Estilos srl

Estilos drive companies in their Digital Transformation path and introduce innovative models supporting marketing, sales, service and social processes. Artificial intelligence and predictive analysis algorithms, tailored by our data scientists, allow us to introduce customer or product multi-channel recommendation systems that lead to important, concrete, and measurable results. We support B2B and B2C companies approaching the consumer market through e-commerce channel integrated with social network and implemented Unified Communication & Collaboration systems in primary importance companies in Europe. By means of data visualization tools, we trace and display customer journeys through different channels and touchpoints, transforming interactions, conversations and interests in sales and promotion contents and commercial targets, identifying new micro-markets with high profitability.

Estilos srl
Address: Via cà Marcello 67/D - Venezia-Mestre - 30172 (Italy)
Website: www.estilos.it
Phone: +39 041 8220413

My Sessions

Artificial Intelligence & Mass Personalisation


Discover how to delight your customers with AI  (Nils van Tuebbergen & Kristin Hesse) Mass Personalised Products through Image Recognition and Artificial Intelligence. The Prodir Online Configurator (Marco Colusso, Viktor Herbeiu, Cristian Santinon)



estilos agree with NetComm Suisse the goal of contribute to the knowledge and diffusion of e-Commerce, and in particular diffusion of services and technologies related. Also NetComm Suisse is a great opportunity to promote digital estilos innovation in the international arena.