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Marco Speroni

Head of Strategy

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WHO IS Marco Speroni

PhD in Communication Technology at the University of Lugano in collaboration with the SFMoMA and the Politecnico of Milan. He has been actively involved in the academic world and in different international/EU-funded projects concerning ICT until 2005. From 2005 to 2012 he has been co-founder of Your Interface SA. In 2012 he founded together with Carlo Speroni S’nce Group, a fast growing and dynamic full service digital company, where he currently holds the role of Head of Strategy.

WHO IS s'nce group

Full-service web agency specialized in brand management and relationship with the target audience through the new means of communication and marketing.

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Address: Via Gaggiolo, 27 - Stabio - 6855 (Switzerland)
Website: www.sncegroup.ch
Phone: +41 91 605 11 72

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Digital customer engagement


Digital marketing is in a constant state of evolutionary flux, and the current state-of-the-art is no exception. Marketers are using increasingly dynamic and integrated strategies to communicate with audiences on a personal level. Proximity marketing targets people at a particular location, using Bluetooth, wifi hotspots and geofencing, to offer location-specific content and promotions. Social media […]

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