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Heiko De Simone

Group Innovation

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WHO IS Heiko De Simone

I professionally grew up in traditional industries such as consumer goods and consumer electronic, where I covered almost all positions in sales and marketing at different large companies in both Germany and Italy. Over the last years, I joined the Digital Department first, and recently the Innovation Team of one of the largest European Banking Group. At a Group level, I introduced innovative digital services and led the redesigning of the Online and Mobile digital channels, following the Agile methodology and focusing on User Experience Design. Currently, I’m developing the Multiyear Plan for the Artificial Intelligence Roadmap of the Bank, leveraging in Cognitive Computing, Big Data and Machine Learning, what will design the Customer Experience of the Bank of the future. Building the bridge between Vision and Execution, while managing change in terms of corporate culture and keeping always the customer obsession, is my passion.

WHO IS UniCredit

UniCredit is a leading European commercial bank operating in 17 countries and an international network that spans 50 markets.

Address: Piazza Gae Aulenti 3 - Tower A - Milano - 20154 (Italy)
Website: www.unicreditgroup.eu/en.html
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