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Tiago Ventura

Digital Engagement Manager

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WHO IS Tiago Ventura

I am passionate about technology, communication, social interaction, business & marketing. Since the beginning of my professional life, I’ve dedicated my career path on understanding and deepen my knowledge in the relationship that people entertain with technology, and therefore indirectly/directly with brands. We are lucky enough to live on times where we can see and be actors of times where we go from a linear technology evolution, to an exponential one! Exciting. I like to understand how technology is present in our daily lives and how it will be tomorrow.

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Nestlé is the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company. We enhance lives with science-based nutrition and health solutions for all stages of life, helping consumers care for themselves and their families.

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My Sessions

e-Commerce meets Food


This panel will focus on the evolving habits of food and beverage consumers in Switzerland and the challenges of omnichannel integration in the sector. The discussion will firstly present the figures revealed by the e-Commerce meets food report, conducted jointly by the NetComm Suisse Observatory and ContactLab, namely, the volume of food-related online shoppers in […]

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