Aduno SA, Aduno Group
Aduno SA, Aduno Group

Aduno is a leading Swiss specialist in secure online payment solutions. Our employees have many years of experience in electronic commerce and are noted not least for their thorough knowledge of the Swiss online market. You, too, can rely on an innovative company with a motivated team. Aduno is part of the Aduno Group, which is wholly owned by a group of well-known Swiss banks, which includes cantonal banks, Raiffeisen banks, RBA banks, Bank Coop and Migros Bank. Viseca Card Services SA and Cashgate are also part of the Group. Viseca is one of the major card issuers in Switzerland, and Cashgate is a credit and leasing partner to banks. As an exclusively Swiss company, the Aduno Group promotes the dissemination of credit and debit cards and their acceptance with contracting partners from a variety of sectors – and online in particular. The Aduno Group thus facilitates cashless payments and promotes e-commerce in Switzerland.


Telephone: +41 58 234 56 78

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We are proud to be a member of this fast growing comunity and profit from the NetComm Suisse's wide range of activities for the e-Commerce business.