Elmec Suisse
Elmec Suisse

Elmec Informatica is a VAR and Managed Service Provider of IT services whose aim is to implement innovative projects to improve business processes. With its 600 employees and + €182mln turnover, Elmec is the largest Italian private company in the IT sector. Our group has seven branch offices in Italy, three of them are in Brunello (Varese), and the others are in Gazzada, Brescia, Padova and in Parma. Elmec has also a subsidiary in Morbio, Switzerland. The company operates in more than 60 countries (EU, China, Japan, U.S.A., South Africa, and Singapore) where it works directly on the field or through skilled partners and more than 5000 technicians. Elmec in Italy (our offices) Elmec Suisse Elmec International

Website: www.elmec.com/elmecsuisse
E-mail: Alessandro.Ballerio@elmec.it

Telephone: +41 91 61110 21

Company details:

Viale Serfontana 7

Morbio Inferiore