Quanta Ressources Humaines SA
Quanta Ressources Humaines SA

Quanta Ressources Humaines SA, founded in 2000, is the Swiss branch of Quanta Group, multinational company specialising in Human Resources with offices in Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, USA and Brazil. From the head office located in the Lugano Area, expert consultants operate in a efficient way, focusing on attention to people and to their growth in order to guarantee professional services in consultancy, selection, training and staff administration. Quanta Group provides services that are able to respond in a timely manner to clients’ needs thanks to their careful assessment of candidates, their specialistic knowledge of different production areas and continuous networking with Universities and training institutes. Quanta Group set up Quanta ICT Division to face the ever growing digital market. The ICT Division is made up of a specialist technical team and a group of experts in the human resources area and it is a skillful organisation that makes use of its experience gained over the years in the new technologies area and in IT related training.

Website: www.quanta.com/ch/
E-mail: gjarach@quanta.com

Telephone: +41 91 911 62 80

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Strada Regina 42





NetComm has been able to build one of the largest Swiss networks, collecting big and medium size companies that can really enable the technological innovation in the market. Quanta really wants to be part of this change, supporting NetComm and its members in their HR needs.